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how was this overlooked tho


how was this overlooked tho

American Horror Story: Easter


If the transfer ban is lifted which players do you think Barcelona will (should) sell?

Sell Song and Mascherano.

Sell Keirrison or put him on the B team if possible (Is he eligible?).

Keep Bojan as the Copa center forward and see how he does. He deserves a chance.

Recall Deulofeu and feature him more slowly throughout the season, I think him and Tello can be our future star wing players.

Loan Cuenca. see if he can play an entire season well without a major injury.

Either play Affelay or sell him. He’s too good to just sit around doing nothing. It’s kinda sad watching that.

And of course by a center back FFS.

Mira los espinners!

Mira los espinners!

If it fits…


Cat gets head stuck in tissue box - AnimalsBeingDicks.com

…It ships…..oh shit no no no no no

Background cat: “This muthafucka is on one”

If you bought Google Glass today go ahead and unfollow me.

NO (at R Place Bar and Gril)

NO (at R Place Bar and Gril)


I’m still pretty bummed out about the game yesterday. ONE GOAL. ONE FUCKING GOAL.